Wood Burning Stove Installations in Cold ash and surrounding areas...

The last 5 years has seen a significant rise in popularity of wood burning and multi fuel stoves as they are so much more efficient and less messy than open fires.

I install solid fuel stoves to a high quality standard at competitive rates.

By solid fuel stoves I mean both wood-burners and multi fuel stoves and refer to them generically as “stoves” for the rest of this page.

I don’t stock stoves but I can get hold of quite a few makes of stoves, from the bottom end of the scale (~£425) to the high end (£n,000). I’m happy to install stoves not bought through me, provided they’re suitable for their purpose.

Cheaper stoves are available on the market but I prefer to deal with reliable quality. If you want me to install a cheaper model I can do this provided it complies with building regulations. Similarly I use quality liners and fittings so there is a guarantee and manufacturer support if anything goes wrong.

If you’re considering having a stove installed please give me a call before you commit to anything. There is quite a bit to be considered and it’s easy to commit to something (such as buying a stove or adjusting your fireplace in readiness…) only to find out afterwards it’s not suitable. Some of the factors that need to be considered are listed below.

The stove heat output needs to match the size of space to be heated and your preferences. Too small a stove and you’ll be frustrated through lack of heat and too large a stove will cause you to want to burn it cool which in turn causes it to gum up and can shorten the life of any liner. Appropriate heat out is important.

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