About Trevor Howard

  • Worked in software development for 25 years.
  • Gave up politics of IT management for greater satisfaction of hands on manual work.
  • Joined the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps as the best industry body with the most rigorous training, assessment and member support.
  • Adheres to the Guild Code of practice including:
    • Thoroughly clean the chimney & fire or stove.
    • Execute “Building Regulations” conformity (safety) check.
    • Smoke test.
    • Issue insurance recognised certificate.
  • HETAS qualified for further knowledge and qualification for installation & repairs.
  • Aims to deliver the best quality at a fair price.

Why use a knowledgeable sweep?

  • Fires & stoves without maintenance can become dangerous over time similarly to cars.
  • Most stoves and many fires, except those recently installed, require maintenance beyond a simple sweep.
  • Good chimney sweep training, experience and in depth knowledge enables good practice, thorough safety checks and identification of appropriate maintenance beyond a sweep.
  • By using a knowledgeable chimney sweep you can be confident your fire or stove is safe and be informed of any lack of compliance with today’s building regulations.
  • This reduces the chances of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty appliance.

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Member Of The Guild Of Master Chimney Sweeps.
  • HETAS Registered Chimney Sweep.
  • HETAS Registered Installer (Linings & System Chimneys).
  • Trained In ‘Power Sweeping’ Technique.
  • Certified For ‘Working At Heights’.
  • Certified for sweeping thatched properties.
  • Certified For ‘CCTV And Chimney Surveys’.
  • Public Liability Insurance To £2.5m.

Other values I offer that I believe customers value are:

  • Local in and around the Newbury area – ColdAsh based but happy to travel as required
  • Fair and informative: I’ll let you know any costs before committing you to them
  • Personal guarantee – if you have an issue with my service I’ll put it right. The Guild also offer a ‘dispute procedure’ in the unlikely event that my personal guarantee fails to satisfy
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Polite, courteous and friendly
  • Professional Qualifications

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

You can find the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps at:

If you're out of my area and in need of a chimney sweep you can search for one here:

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